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For distribution and wholesale information for Auricular Audio Magazine contact us at info@auricular.com or visit the Auricular Records website.

Visit us at MySpace.com.

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We also maintain the most active presence on Faceboook.

We are currently accepting demos for consideration for full-length release and/or inclusion on our Auricular Audio Magazine series and/or our every so often is we are lucky podcast. Recordings may be submitted in the following formats:

  1. Send us a CD of your music
  2. Send us a link to your website where we can review at least a few full length recordings in MP3 format.
Please include any bio information or descriptive bits and pieces as you see fit.

Demos and press material can be sent to:
Auricular Records
208 Mendocino Way
Redwood City, CA 94065
or contact via email at info@auricular.com

Also please feel free to stop in and grab a listen or free download at INTERNET ALBEMUTH - Internet Albemuth is our oddities and rarities and occasional odd job blog. We have been slowly converting and remastering old instore performances and live shows and out of print material and posting it for free - that's right - FREE! - on our blog.